In a March 27, 2014, article appearing in National Defense, I observed that responsible companies, whether manufacturers, operators, or users which wanted to get into the commercial UAS business weren’t going to risk their assets or their brand until the FAA has put in place a regulatory structure addressing air safety and other concerns.

In the same article, this sentiment was echoed by the Aerospace Industries Association and the Consumer Electronics Association, both of whose memberships will be players across the unfolding commercial UAS market.

The misguided decision of the administrative law judge in the Pirker decision reversing the FAA’s $10,000 civil penalty continues through the appeal process, the reversal being stayed while the appeal proceeds to the full NTSB.

The FAA has indicated that the regulatory process will, in the meantime, continue to move towards the fall.

Don’t be surprised if an emergency rulemaking comes out even before then.

(Originally posted April 3, 2014)