Originally posted January 31, 2017

Planely Spoken prides itself on avoiding rumor, gossip, innuendo, or other forms of “fake news.”  On the other hand, sometimes the word on the street, or in these case, the “word on the runway,” is so compelling that we have to pass it on.

It appears that Peggy Gilligan, the FAA’s Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, has informed the FAA that she is retiring.  According to sources, her resignation email stated:

I have had the great good fortune to be a part of the FAA and the Aviation Safety organization during some of the most challenging — and most successful — times . . . . I am proud to have been a part of the safest time in this community and will watch closely as all of you build on the legacy we inherited from those who came before us.  Thank you for letting me lead this outstanding organization and thank you for all you do for aviation safety every day.

Peggy Gilligan became Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety on January 5, 2009 after serving as the Deputy Associate Administrator in that organization for 14 years.  In that position, she leads the organization responsible for setting, overseeing, and enforcing safety standards for all parts of the aviation industry – airlines, manufacturers, repair stations, pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and any person or product that operates in aviation.  These programs have a direct impact on every facet of domestic and international civil aviation safety.

The Aviation Safety programs under her direction involve more than 7,000 employees located in Washington headquarters, regional and directorate offices, and more than 125 field offices throughout the world.  According to the FAA, she oversees an annual budget of more than $1 billion.

Anyone who has worked in aviation for any length of time has been impacted by her work.  The industry will miss her!