“Breaking News….A corporate jet is reported to have crashed taking the lives of all seven on board. More details as we learn them.”

Whether your corporation owns, operates or leases aircrafts, an aircraft accident is a nightmare for any company. Compounded by the fact that the passengers are frequently, if not almost always, employees, including senior management, the loss of a corporate aircraft has profound impacts that go well beyond the event itself.

During this webinar, members of the  Aviation team will discuss:

  • Emergency planning
  • Tabletop drills and training exercises
  • Human resource issues – if the worst happens
  • The accident investigation process
  • Protecting the company whether you own, lease or chart their aircraft
  • What your broker/insurer can do to help you
  • Dealing with the media and protecting the brand
  • And a host of other subjects

Who should attend?

  • Senior management
  • Risk managers
  • Human resource personnel
  • Aviation department members, including pilots, mechanics, etc.
  • Public affairs personnel
  • Financial management personnel
  • Insurance brokers
  • And anyone in the company whose responsibilities touch aviation

Please join us for this complementary webinar on July 17 from 1-2:30 PM ET. You can register here.