Waivers, Exemptions, and Certifications:

How to get permission to do what you want with your Unmanned Aircraft

Part 107 has been a tremendous boon to businesses that want to operate unmanned aircraft. Unfortunately, there is still a great deal that cannot be done without special permission. But rest assured, this can be done legally, if you know how.

During this webinar, we will explore what methods are available to obtain permission from the FAA to conduct complex operations beyond the narrow confines of Part 107. We will explore topics such as:

  • What rules can be waived?
  • How do you get a waiver?
  • Can waivers be combined for more complex operations, and how does that affect the process?
  • Does the old exemption process still exist and what is it used for?
  • Are there operations that would require a “certified aircraft”?
  • What is a certified aircraft?
  • What different types of certification are available, and what are their limitations?
  • Are there other certificates that are needed even if one has a certified aircraft?
  • As always, we will also bring you up to date on all of the recent legal developments affecting the UAS industry.

Join Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon of the aviation practice for this free webinar on August 8 at 1–2:30 pm ET, and learn how to use the rules to your advantage and get ahead of your competition.

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