Note: Given the previous delays from Capitol Hill, we have postponed the below webinar on the FAA Reauthorization Act several times. On October 4, we will cover the Act as it stands as of the date of the webinar, regardless of where it is in the process.

It’s that time of year, and Congress is once again attempting to pass a comprehensive reauthorization for the FAA. The difference this time around is that it’s almost certain to pass. The House of Representatives decided to strip out the most controversial parts of the 21st Century AIRR Act and, after a flurry of amendments on the floor of the House, passed a comprehensive bill that sets FAA priorities well into the next decade. Over the summer, the focus has been on the United States Senate, where all points indicate a similar bill is likely to be passed by the end of September/early October.

In this complimentary 90-minute webinar, Mark Dombroff, Mark McKinnon, and special guest panelist Jim Williams of JHW Unmanned Solutions LLC will unpack the hundreds of pages of legislation, explain what it means for the aviation industry, and explore its impact on the following areas:

  • Integration of unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System,
  • Changes to aircraft certification requirements and procedures,
  • The FAA’s ongoing restructuring efforts,
  • Revisions to rest and duty rules for flight crews,
  • Modifications to the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP),
  • Efforts to strengthen cybersecurity,
  • New studies and regulations affecting privacy,
  • Changes to passenger rights,
  • Funding for the Airport Improvement Program,
  • Changes to the regulation of model aircraft.

As always, the audience will also have an opportunity to ask questions and shape the discussion. You will not want to miss this no-holds-barred discussion of how this important legislation will impact all aspects of aviation.

Join us for this complimentary 90-minute webinar.

Date: Thursday October 4, 2018

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET

Event Number: 790 321 319

Event Password: 0919Reauthor

Please register by 11:30 am on Thursday, October 4, 2018.