Breaking News!

Kris Kringle, who holds a S9RI Rating (Sled/Nine Reindeer Certificate with Instrument Rating) has signed up for The Symposium!

The clock is ticking and it looks like this may be the first year we have to cut off registration . . . so if you haven’t registered, do so.

In addition to focusing on accidents, incidents and events occurring in a foreign country and our annual FAA/NTSB panel, discussions/panels include:

  • Keynote comments from the Honorable Bruce Landsberg, Vice Chairman,
    National Transportation Safety Board
  •  Virgin Galactic: A fascinating update/presentation on going to space sooner, not later!
  • The SAFETY ACT and how you can not only limit your liability but make your company more attractive competitively
  • Woof! Woof! . . . Dealing with the issues both on and off the airplane surrounding emotional support animals
  • Whether it’s an accident, a passenger incident, or any other matter, how to conduct and/or participate in an effective investigation that gets the job done and provides protections
  • MH370: An update on the ever-evolving tale of the greatest aviation mystery of all time
  • The evolution of Family Assistance in the safest commercial airline industry in history

And a whole host of other pivotal subjects!

Remember, because the Symposium will always bring to you the most topical and current issues, our agenda is subject to change right up to the moment the Symposium, even an individual panel, begins.

See you in February!