In just a few short years, the operation of unmanned aircraft has gone from a rarity to big business. According to the FAA’s newly released Aerospace Forecast, the total number of commercial UAS in the United States is expected to triple by 2023. Much of this growth is expected to come from a dramatic increase in the number of businesses offering “drones as a service.”

As this segment of the industry grows and matures, only those operators that take the business aspects of the aviation industry seriously will prosper. Before an operator flies a UAS for any client, a whole host of issues must be considered and dealt with, such as:

  • Do I have a systematic approach to regulatory compliance?
  • Am I prepared if the worst happens?
  • Have I considered the potential liability of an accident or incident and addressed how those risks are allocated between the operator and the client?
  • Do I have written contracts and are they sufficient to protect my interests?
  • Do I have the right kind of insurance?
  • Do I want disputes resolved by arbitration?
  • Do I know what the benefits are of pursuing arbitration?

The list is almost endless. These issues are just as important for the consumers of UAS services.

  • How do I know this vendor is reliable?
  • Does he have the insurance and certifications he says he has?
  • Am I protected in the event of a mishap?
  • Who owns the results of the work?

This 90-minute complimentary webinar is a must for both UAS service providers and consumers. Attorneys from our Aviation Team will be joined by Edward Davidson and Simon Lawrence of Davidson Arbitration, LLC to discuss commercial issues that commonly arise and how to best protect your interests, including:

  • Why contracts are important
  • What should contracts address
  • How to ensure a service provider is what he claims to be
  • Regulatory compliance as a system
  • How to protect yourself from unnecessary disputes
  • “Should I include arbitration clauses in my contract?”
  • The pros and cons of arbitration
  • The role of insurance in protecting the service provider and the customer
  • What is a work for hire, and how does it affect ownership of intellectual property

As always, we will have a lively and opinionated discussion, with ample opportunity for the audience to ask questions and get the answers they need.

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