President Trump has signed a record-breaking $2 trillion stimulus and aid package to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic.  As expected, there is a lot of money in the bill for aviation, including loan guarantees and payroll assistance for passenger and cargo carriers.

There is also good news for other aviation related businesses.  The bill extends relief to contractors and service providers of airlines, such as caterers and baggage handlers, as well businesses that perform inspection, repair, replace, or overhaul services on aircraft.  Even ticket agents are provided for in the bill.

Despite the fact that the bill exceeds 800 pages, it is short on implementation details.  Almost all of the “nuts and bolts” questions, such as how to apply for the aid and how much will be given to individual applicants, are undefined.  In addition, “free money” is never free, and there are a number of strings attached to the aid.

Fortunately, the Fox Rothschild Aviation Practice is here to help.  Join Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon for our free 90-minute webinar, where we will take a deep look at the issues, including:

  • How do you apply for the assistance?
  • What businesses are eligible?
  • What do I need to prove to qualify?
  • What kind of security will the government want?
  • What are the labor implications of the relief package?
  • What “aviation related” businesses can participate in the program?
  • What is the timeline for getting relief?
  • What ordinary business practices will I be forbidden from following?
  • What is different if I am a mid-size or small business?

As always, the Fox Rothschild aviation team will provide their unvarnished opinions, critical analysis of the issues, and “crystal ball” view of the future, with ample opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

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