A Complimentary Event

Fully Virtual!

February 2-4, 2021

Our Breaking News Scenario –“We have reports that a Boeing 767 aircraft has run off the end of the runway at a German airport after an aborted takeoff. There are reports of injuries, and possibly fatalities, among the crew and passengers. First responders are on the scene.

We also have reports that the cargo included a significant amount of COVID-19 vaccine, packed in dry ice. We have no further information at this time regarding the nature or extent of the injuries, fatalities or condition of the vaccine… ”

This emergency response will unfold in “real time,” as we focus on the corporate command center, the Go Team, the family assistance response, media issues and the entire spectrum of activities that occur after an accident/incident. We’ll explore the difficulties imposed by the “virtual” world in which we live, complicated by an event that occurs in a foreign country.

Latest Additions to the Agenda:

·     Chris Hart, former Chairman of the NTSB, and Chairman of the FAA’s Joint Airworthiness Review Committee for the MAX aircraft.

·     “Getting the Passengers Back!” A panel dealing with the media issues presented by accidents/incidents, the pandemic and the MAX.

·     “On Your Left Is the Moon . . .” As we enter the era of commercial passenger space travel, this panel will focus on how the experiences and practices of the airline industry are being adapted to the space industry. Panelists will include representatives from the commercial space companies, the NTSB, the FAA and NASA.

And a whole host of other panels and special guests!

View the full agenda.

To thank you for joining us virtually this year, we will provide a DoorDash gift code to registrants so you can enjoy lunch on us during the symposium.


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