A Complimentary Webinar
Thursday, March 4, 2021  |  1 pm ET  |  10 am PT

No matter how bad an accident is, it can always be made worse. In the aftermath, you have to find out what happened, report the incident to one or more state or federal agencies, conduct an investigation and propose appropriate corrective actions.

A misstep at any of these stages can have far-reaching consequences. Privileged matters can be exposed to outside scrutiny. Use of a wrong word can make matters seem worse than they actually are. Improper speculation in your notifications or early reports can make it harder to ultimately arrive at the truth. Meanwhile, plaintiffs’ lawyers will capitalize on any misstep and use it to their advantage.

Join Mark Dombroff, Mark McKinnon and Paul Bowles for an in-depth look at how to handle these matters and how to best protect yourself. During this complimentary 90-minute webinar, they will examine:

·     How should I handle initial reports and notifications to government entities?

·     Are there words I should avoid?

·     How much detail is too much?

·     How much do I actually know, and how much am I assuming?

·     Who should be involved in conducting internal investigations?

·     What communications are privileged, and how do I avoid waiving the privilege?

·     Can you protect parts of your investigation under the self-critical evaluation privilege?

·     Are all government agencies the same when it comes to reporting accidents?

·     Can I take advantage of the protections of the Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program and other self-reporting programs?

As always, we welcome questions from the audience and look forward to instructive and entertaining interactions.

You can register for the event HERE