Thursday, May 20, 2021  |  1 pm ET

While last year ended with sighs of relief and the commonly expressed sentiment that “at least 2020 is finally over,” new challenges nonetheless await the aviation industry in 2021.

A new presidential administration brought a new philosophy to aviation rulemaking, enforcement and infrastructure spending. The COVID-19 vaccine is here, but new and more stringent federal mask mandates are in place for air travelers, and new COVID-19 variants are spreading around the globe along with a growing call for vaccine passports. Lawsuits involving federalism, privacy and airspace ownership are reaching appellate courts with surprising results.

Join Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon for a 90-minute interactive webinar covering recent developments in aviation, including:

  • Updates on COVID-19 regulations and what to expect in the future
  • The impact on international air travel stemming from the slow rollout of vaccines in Europe
  • An explanation of COVID-19 travel documents and the EU Green Passport Program
  • The FAA’s response to the increase in COVID-19 “air rage” cases
  • Important new case developments regarding federal preemption of aviation and privacy
  • The effect of new White House and Department of Transportation leadership on aviation regulation and oversight
  • A look at how the aviation industry will fare in the scramble for infrastructure funds

Understanding why the new UAS rules were delayed and how the new rules will impact unmanned aircraft for the rest of this year.

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