June 9, 2021 – 1:00 PM

With many charter operators and business aviation departments increasing their operational tempo, is your operation ready for this new regulatory environment?  Guidance from federal regulators seems to change by the day on a whole host of critical issues.  Are masks required?  What about vaccines?  Can they be required of passengers? Can they be required for employees?  Are new hires treated differently from current employees or returning employees?  How are the rules different for Part 91 operators?  What does the EEOC say about these issues?  What about OSHA?

Now layer a patchwork of state and local regulations and guidance on top of these issues.  Under the circumstances, knowing what guidelines to follow can be confusing, and this confusion may erode some of that all-important psychological safety in an otherwise flourishing safety culture.

In this 60 minute free webinar, Andrew Day of WYVERN Ltd joins attorneys Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon of the Fox Rothschild aviation team for a discussion of the current state of the rules to help you navigate through the confusion.

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