A Complimentary Webinar
Thursday, March 4, 2021  |  1 pm ET  |  10 am PT

No matter how bad an accident is, it can always be made worse. In the aftermath, you have to find out what happened, report the incident to one or more state or federal agencies, conduct an investigation and propose appropriate corrective actions.

A misstep at any of these stages can have far-reaching consequences.

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We hope all of you were able to join us for what was a very successful 2021 Aviation Symposium.

For those who attended, we would love to hear about your experience at this year’s Symposium.  Please take this brief survey and provide your feedback and guide our planning for future events.

To stay apprised of developments related to Aviation, we invite any of you who are not already subscribers to join us regularly here at the Plane-ly Spoken blog and sign up for the Aviation mailing list.

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Shortly after taking office, President Biden signed an executive order mandating the use of masks on all federal property and for people involved in interstate transportation.  All such orders eventually spawn agency guidance and implementing rules, and this one is no exception.

The TSA has just released a four-page Security Directive providing guidance on the implementation of the face mask requirement for airport operators. … Read More

A Complimentary Event – Fully Virtual! – February 2-4, 2021

Time is running out! Don’t miss your chance to register for the 15th Aviation Symposium

If you don’t register, here’s what you’ll miss:

·     David Copperfield, “the greatest illusionist of our time,” discussing flying, vanishing an airplane, Houdini “the aviator” and more

·     Former Chief NASA Astronaut and Shuttle Commander Hoot Gibson and representatives of Blue Origin, Space X, the NTSB, the FAA and others talking about the next generation of space travelers

·     A live emergency response simulation, including advice on effective training in the era of remote working and video conferencing

·     Dan Elwell, former FAA Deputy Administrator, and Chris Hart, former NTSB Chairman, talking about the MAX, what went wrong, how it was addressed, whether it was fixed and its effect on the global airworthiness structure

And more!

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A Complimentary Event

Fully Virtual!

February 2-4, 2021

Our Breaking News Scenario –“We have reports that a Boeing 767 aircraft has run off the end of the runway at a German airport after an aborted takeoff. There are reports of injuries, and possibly fatalities, among the crew and passengers. First responders are on the scene.

We also have reports that the cargo included a significant amount of COVID-19 vaccine, packed in dry ice.

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We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us for the live presentation of the latest Aviation Webinar Series, “Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft and Flight Over People – The Final Rules.”

We are gratified by the huge turnout and positive feedback we have received.  There were several questions from the audience that we could not address due to the time constraints. … Read More

The FAA has kept its word.  As promised, the FAA has released the final versions of its rules for Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft, for Flight of UAS Over People, and for UAS Night Operations.  These rulemakings represent an important step towards routine flight beyond visual line of sight and full integration of UAS into the National Airspace System.

The Remote ID Rule

The Remote ID proposal was the most controversial of the new rules, and garnered the most public comments. … Read More

The long awaited COVID-19 relief bill has finally arrived from Congress.  Weighing in at an impressive 5,593 pages, it contains at least some of the assistance the aviation industry has been asking for since the summer.

First and foremost among these is continuation of the Payroll Support Program started under the CARES Act.  Section 402 of the new law allocates $15 billion for airlines and $1 billion for aviation contractors. … Read More

Join Us For A Free Webinar to Analyze the New Rules

January 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?  The phrase uttered billions of times each year by children, both small and large, on their way to Grandma’s house for Christmas.  It is also the phrase repeated by countless UAS operators this year while waiting for the FAA to release the final UAS rules for remote identification and for flight over people.… Read More

Our fully virtual 2021 symposium features panels and presentations on cutting-edge issues, as well as our annual full-scale emergency drill, which will unfold in “real time.”

We’ll observe the corporate command center, the Go team, the family assistance response, media issues, and the whole spectrum of activities that occur after an accident/incident. We’ll explore the difficulties imposed by the “virtual” world in which we live, complicated by an event that occurs in a foreign country.Read More